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We’re live…

Sooo how exciting is this?! two syllables has its very own website! I am so excited *read nervous* to announce that is the new, official home of all my writing.

This week saw Miss Bella turn three, and take the small but giant step from a baby to a ‘big girl’. Simultaneously, two syllables, a blog that I only created after becoming a Mama, took the giant step of moving to its very own webpage. Both of these events have terrified me – my baby is growing up and my blog is gaining momentum. While my little girl was dealing with giving up her bottles and dummies, her Mama was dealing with how to join Twitter (yes I’m a newbie, follow me at @sclaird). Taking Bella’s lead and watching her embrace the new chapter in her life, I have decided to take a deep breath and do the same.

So welcome to!

Allow me a few shout outs…

Firstly I would like to thank Sarah and Liz at Pomegranite for all your help. Seriously, you ladies are amazing! This Cape Town based company has spent the last few weeks helping me to develop the two syllables brand, and have put up with my stupid questions and millions of e-mails. Your patience, honesty and love of my blog are so much appreciated. Thank you a million times over!

two syllables has also been given a brand-spanking-new logo thanks to none other than my amazing brother, Matthew Laird. Thank you for all your ideas and hard work guy, I absolutely love it!

A huge thank you goes out to all the sponsors of two syllables, including Pomegranite, Baby Group, Baby Tastes, Women4Women, Kapas Baby and Staedtler. It is so exciting to have such amazing companies on board!

Finally to all of you lovely people who take a few minutes out of your day to read what I write, THANK YOU! You are all flippen amazeballs!!



  1. Robyn White |

    Friend – you are such an awesome inspiration! What a fantastic website! You are freaking amazing! That is all 🙂 Love you xxx


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