Two Syllables

About This Blog

about this blogI have always loved writing. I kept diaries as a teenager and majored in three ‘writing subjects’ at University (English Literature, Art History and Classical Civilisations). I worked as the Arts Editor for the student paper and I kept a Visual Journal throughout varsity.

When I moved back to Johannesburg after studying in Grahamstown (yes I’m a proud Rhodes girl!) I lost a lot of my creative inspiration, and writing seemed to fall on the back burner.

Then in 2011 I found out I was pregnant. It was unexpected. It was terrifying. My pregnancy was very hard on me. I had some amazing people in my life that supported and loved me through it all, but I also had a whole lot of negativity.

I gave birth to my Bella Rose on 1 September 2011 and I started to change. She changed me. It took a long time to really grasp it all, but I can look back now and I can see with such clarity that my daughter introduced me to myself. And for that, I will always be in her debt.

“Bella: Once I was lost in a forest. I was so afraid. My blood pounded in my chest and I knew my heart’s strength would soon be exhausted. I saved myself without thinking. I grasped the two syllables closest to me, and replaced my heartbeat with your name” (Anne Michaels, Fugitive Pieces).

In 2013 I saw a call for articles on BabyGroup’s Facebook page. They were looking for Mama’s to share their stories. I decided to give it a try and sat down to write what has now become ‘the article that started it all’. I couldn’t believe how many emotions started bubbling to the surface, how many memories I had repressed from my pregnancy and how much writing it down helped me start to overcome it. The response to my article was astounding, and BabyGroup asked me to write a permanent blog for their website. I’ve been writing ever since.

Writing two syllables has become a cathartic journey for me. This blog has helped me to face buried memories and to begin to let go of many hurts. It allows me to document my life as a Mama with my sweet baby girl, and it has allowed me to connect with other Mamas around the world.

two syllables is the story of me and Miss Bella.

Make a cup of tea, get comfy and enjoy.