Two Syllables

Garage Portraits

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise. She asked for a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, so I invited some friends, we brought our teddies and snacks, and spent the morning in the park 🙂

New phone. Mandatory selfie.

Today she wanted to be Superman.

South Africa Day at school. My lil bokkie!

Armed with a Princess book and a pink handbag filled with baby dolls, she’s ready for Show and Tell at school today

You guys!! This just happened. First ballet class. Little Bella-rina <3

You know you made the right career choice when your collegues insist you bring your daughter for Fun Day at school. She was SO proud of her back-pack for ‘big school’!

Dress up day for both of us. She has school photos. I have Career Day. So we both have plaited pigtails. Obvs.

After 24 hours of gastro, this little girl woke up in full princess-mode again this morning, and said “Mommy you are the most beautiful girl” to me on our way to school. Yip, I’ll take that!

Carrying her bottles and dummies in present packets for the baby class at school. Spring Day and a new chapter for my little girl!

Ready for mah burthday, and she wanted to join in on all the fun with the girls!

Girls with bows! Celebrating my birthday in style! Also, she pouted first!!

Excited for a Barney party

A pink gown and Tigger. Apparently life just couldn’t get better!

Umhlanga here we come!!!

Fancy Dress day at school. You can just feel her lil heart bursting with happiness!

“The smallest things take up the most space in your heart!” <3

Pajama Party day at school. All the kids and teachers were in their PJ’s for a day of ‘bedtime’ stories, hot choclate and indoor games. Perfect in this icy weather!

Celebrating Father’s Day! This lil girl absolutely loves her Daddy!

With her new doll

Farmers’ Market with my girl…

1 degree this morning! Winter is offically here. Boots and mittens are out and my child obviousy wanted to model them.

I kinda love dressing her in winter!

“Moooooooom, hurry up and take the photo!”

A little someone is so excited that gloves are out for winter!

She insisted she needed a photo with her gloves on and I obviously obliged.

Cutie patootie!

I love this kid!

Excited for her bestie’s birthday!

Pigtails! Cute! You’re welcome!

Dear Santa, I can explain…

Merry Christmas from the Laird girls!

Bella and Tigs. Besties.

“Mommy I need a pony!!!” said with urgency as we are on our way out the door, already late. Ah screw it, would rather be late than miss this happy face!

Day dreaming

I am no longer allowed to pull her jersey down as it apparently covers her pretty dress. Yes I am raising a diva.

Dressed and ready for Circus Day at school. My little fairy!