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I’m back… (with some big news)

Yikes, it has been a while since my last blog post. I needed a time-out. I just didn’t know it then. Or know how long it would be. Or where it would lead. But here we are, almost a year and a whole bunch of changes later.

So in the last few months, a few things have happened. We moved into a new home (the most amazing little suburb complete with new friends, daily walks to the park and all that cute suburban community stuff that makes you get all warm and tingly on the inside). I also got a new car. And dyed my hair blonder. We got a puppy – the sweetest little girl Spaniel, named Sophia. I found my way back to my spirituality, saw a Shaman and dealt with some heavy truths that needed to be processed. I started teaching a new Grade and made some big changes in my personal life. Shoh, when I write it all down like that, A LOT is different. And I am totally high fiving myself right now!

And now I’m back to two syllables. The creative urge to write, coupled with some serious meditation on where I want this blog to go, has now led me here. To this moment.


(drum roll please…)

two syllables is becoming a book!

A book written with Mamas, for Mamas.

It is very early stages at this point, but it is really happening. I have an editor and err’thang!

And here’s where you come in. I am looking for stories. Brutally honest, or funny, or painful, or happy; just pure whole-hearted Mama stories. Stories about pregnancy, abortion, miscarriages or birth. Stories about planned babies or surprise babies. Stories about married parents or divorced parents or stories from us single parents out there. Stories about giving your child up for adoption or stories about choosing to love a stranger’s baby. Stories about surviving newborns or stories about surviving toddlers. Stories about your first baby or stories about your fifth. I want to read them all!

So if you have a story desperate to come out, a story inside you that you just don’t know what to do with, or a story that you’ve never told anyone; a favourite memory, a difficult moment in your life that you need to work through, a letter that you would love the chance to write, absolutely anything to do with motherhood, then get involved. Join the conversation.

Start writing Mamas. Let your voices be heard!



If you are interested, please note:
– All stories need to be sent to
– You can write as many stories as you’d like to share.
– Please specify if you want anonymity, or if I may include your name.
– Stories must be honest; your own account of something in your own life.
– Stories must be less than 1000 words please.
– All stories will be edited and go through a selection process. The final selection for publishing is at the sole discretion of Sarah Laird acting as two syllables.
– There will be no remuneration for any stories.
– By submitting your story, you are granting permission for your story to be published on the blog or in the book at any time.


    • Sarah |

      Hi Sula, I don’t mind if it’s been previously published. The more stories and perspectives, the better. Thanx for getting in touch, looking forward to reading some of your words 🙂


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