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Feeling All the Feels…

About a month ago I announced that I will be turning my little blog into a book, and I asked my friends, family and readers to send me stories. Honest, heart-felt stories, the truth behind what it is really like to be a Mama; so that together we can create a book written with Mamas, for Mamas.

The response has been amazing! I have received the most overwhelming amount of support, and my heart has just been bursting with happiness. Messages and calls from family members and amazing friends, all wishing me luck with this new journey. E-mails from Mamas suddenly feeling the urge to put their thoughts onto paper. Women inspired to voice a story that has been too hard to face, or a story that has long been forgotten. I have read stories that have made me laugh and stories that have made be sob. Simply put, I have been blown away by the bravery of Mamas everywhere.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the excitement, the support, and above all, thank you for the vulnerability.

Feeling all the feels!


And if you are interested in getting involved in this exciting process, please note:

– All stories need to be sent to

– You can write as many stores as you’d like to share.

– Please specify if you want anonymity, or if I may include your name.

– Stories must be honest; your own account of something in your own life.

– Stories must be less than 1000 words.

– All stories will be edited and go through a selection process. The final selection for publishing is at the sole discretion of Sarah Laird, acting as two syllables.

– There will be no remuneration for any stories.

– By submitting your story, you are granting permission for your story to be published on the blog or in the book at any time.

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