Two Syllables


Dear Bella, I lied…

Dear Bella,

I have a confession… I lied to you.

I’m sorry, but it just happened. And once it was out there, I didn’t know how to take it back. So I am writing this letter to explain myself.

Okay, so here goes…

Hake is fish. It is not just a food that rhymes with cake.

On that note, sushi and cupcakes are not the same thing, even though when you made this mistake, I let you go with it.

There is no dairy in Coke. Or any fizzy drinks for that matter. One day you will work this out and I fear for the sugar-rush that will follow that moment.

There is also no dairy in my roll-on. But you wanted to use it and when I said no, you asked if it was because there was dairy in it, and it was just too cute to correct you.

DSTV channels don’t just break. Those days when your cartoon channel was ‘broken’ were just unfortunate times that coincided with a series that I wanted to watch. Ya, sorry about that.

Sometimes I tell you Spur is closed so we don’t have to go. And sometimes I tell you we have no electricity so that we can go to Spur. I know, I’m complicated.

Matthew isn’t your brother. He’s my brother. But you love calling him your brother, and I agree that he’s a really special human, so I’m happy with you thinking of him as more an older brother than just an uncle.

Remember those times when I told you that there were sharks in certain swimming pools? Well that’s not entirely true. We just have a few friends without pool-nets, and I’d rather you fear the hypothetical sharks and stay away altogether, than go exploring and fall in.

Your Daddy and I sift through your party packs and Halloween candy and take out the good stuff… *ahem*… I mean… anything that has dairy in it.

On one or two occasions, when you had been up all of the night before and I was exhausted, I closed the curtains and told you it was bed-time at 18:30, an hour early. When you are a mama you will dream of extra hours of sleep, so you should actually thank me for this.

Those ‘pink cookies’ that you eat on the way to swimming class are actually beetroot falafels that I invented to get you to eat your veggies. Same goes for ‘slime mash’. The Hulk didn’t make it. It’s just broccoli.

There are no fairies in drains. But that was a better thought than your initial fear of being sucked down into one, and hearing you chat to the fairies in the pool drain is the cutest thing ever!

When I don’t want to share my drink with you, I tell you it’s wine. You will do the same one day, so don’t judge.

And don’t even get me started on the Easter Bunny, Santa and the Tooth Fairy!!


So there you have it. I’m sure there will be many more of these gems in the years to come. I apologise in advance.


Love you always my baba,



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  1. Jayde |

    That is so beautiful and funny at the same time!
    I’m sure she appreciate it all when she’s older


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