Two Syllables


Body Talk

Dear Bella,

I would like to introduce you to your body. It is beautiful, sacred and strong. It is yours and yours alone. It houses your kind heart capable of making all those around you feel loved, your brain capable of challenging you and achieving all you set out to accomplish, and your soul capable of changing this world. Look after this body baby girl, it houses you.

Eat your fruit and vegetables. Drink water. Exercise. Get a good night’s rest. Play a team sport. Be loyal, brave and kind with those you love. Be empathetic and strong with those who hurt or disappoint you. Don’t set limitations, but rather balance your ‘self’ with all that nourishes your mind, body and soul. Strive to be healthy but if you feel like it, wake up on a Sunday and eat waffles covered in syrup with an extra serving of bacon. Your body deserves it.

I promise to only notice your strength, your intellect and your kindness; not your weight. Please endeavour to do the same with those around you. Try not to be judgemental or harsh with others’ appearances. We all look different, but we all feel the same. Be good and your goodness will shine through this beautiful body of yours into the world around you.

Your body reflects your inner thoughts and emotions, so always be kind to yourself. Censor thoughts of negativity, and think positive thoughts toward your body as well as towards those around you. Allow your mind, body and soul to be your home, to be the place you feel most comfortable. Approach life with the confidence you feel from within, knowing that you are always enough, no matter what the critics may say.

Bella, Italian for “beautiful”, you are more beautiful than you will ever imagine. You are stronger than you may feel in times of turmoil. You are kinder than this world we live in. Remember my Bubs, beauty comes from within, so be kind to your self and make this world beautiful.

All my love,



*Written for BabyGroup**

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