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Princess Party, Done and Dusted!

You guys! After months of preparation between me and Bella, her Princess Party has come and gone. But it was fantastic, and I am pretty sure that my little girl had the best day! All she wanted was pink, and dammit, I made sure that there was a lot of pink!

There were pink sweets, pink juice, pink jelly, pink popcorn, pink balloons, a four-layered pink birthday cake, a pink Princess jumping castle and even the adults’ food was pink (ham and tomato sandwiches and meringues covered with cream and strawberries). I had a pink banner made for her saying ‘Princess Bella’ in the Disney font. I hung pink lanterns from the tree and pink bunting from the deck. I printed out pictures of all her favourite Disney princesses, and stuck them onto pink cardboard and little sticks, to be stuck into the ground around the food tables. I did the same with every Princess quote I could find on Pinterest. I flippen love that site!

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Baby-Daddy dressed up as Prince Phillip and I was Snow White for the day. Our little Princess wore the most beautiful, hand-made pink dress, modelled on the one worn by Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, made especially for her by a dear friend.

We dressed her at my Mom’s house and let her watch a movie while we got everything ready. And when she walked down to her party, spotting the Princess castle and the walkway lead by cut-outs of her favourite Princesses, my heart literally burst as I saw her face glow with happiness.

My mission was to make her feel like she stepped into a fairytale for a day, and I think that is exactly how she felt.

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Surrounded by her friends and family, Bella had the best day! She jumped on her castle for hours, she blew bubbles, she screamed when we all sang Happy Birthday to her, she laughed all day and she didn’t want it to end. At one point during the chaos of it all, I looked around and just felt so much love in my heart – my little girl is one special child and that was evident by all the people who had come to celebrate her. My heart was over-flowing with Mama-pride and gratitude!

So now I am a Mama to a three year old. A three year old who gave up her bottles and dummies in one day with not even a tear. A three year old who has already asked me when her next birthday is and what party we are having (slow down lil girl, let your Mama catch up please!). A three year old who did the back-float on her own at swimming for five full seconds this week. A three year old who has already asked me if she can start ballet classes. A three year old who talks like a child a few years ahead of her age.


A three year old filled with love and wonder for the world, and one hell of a personality and attitude! A three year old who sometimes needs to be rocked to sleep. A three year old who still asks to crawl into her Mama’s bed in the early mornings. A three year old so innocent and vulnerable, that I feel like I am constantly holding a porcelain doll. A three year old – still a baby girl, but slowly making her way forward as a little girl.

A three year old who stole my heart from the beginning, and keeps making it grow bigger and bigger for her every day.

Happy birthday little Princess, I love you!



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