Two Syllables



Can I have my Cake and Eat it?

If you have read my last few blog posts you will now know three things about me – 1) I didn’t plan my pregnancy, 2) I am a single Mama and 3) I freakin’ love my kid!! With these three things in mind, I started thinking about the idea of whether or not a Mama can have it all. Can a Mama manage having a baby as well as leading the life of a young, single woman in her 20s? I often get asked how I manage to be a great Mom and ‘have a life’ at the same time; is it even possible to do both?! People seem blown away that not only is it possible, but it is my way of living.

The first time I went out by myself after having Bella was a little weird. It was a mixture of crazy excitement and severe homesickness and guilt. My bestie had come up to visit from Durban for a few days to meet my little girl, and what followed was a Friday afternoon catch-up over glasses of Champagne, and then an excited call to my Mom asking her to baby-sit my 8 week old baby so that the girls and I could have one amazing Girls’ Night (the kind where stories of every detail of the night get repeated over and over again just because it was that much fun)! To say that I was excited was an understatement! Read More


Letter to my Daughter on her 2nd Birthday

To my sweet little girl. . .

I cannot believe that you are two already! You are honestly the most beautiful soul, the kindest person and the fiercest spirit I have ever encountered. May you have a birthday filled with family, friends, hugs and laughter!

For your special day, I thought I’d write down a few bits of advice I have picked up along my journey as a woman and as a Mama…

Bella, you are beautiful, intelligent and kind. Remind yourself of that daily.
Always have your say; the world needs your opinion.
Try to read every day, staying up late to finish a good Chapter is never time wasted.
Food is an experience. Cook because you love to, not because someone tells you you’re supposed to.
Music makes any mood better. Listen and enjoy. And dance from your soul. Read More


It takes a village

I have always wanted to be a Mama. I have always wanted to fuss over a baby, to tie up a daughter’s hair for ballet, to sit on the soccer field at the crack of dawn with a cup of coffee and watch a son score his first goal. I have always known this. I have also always been a planner, an organiser. I love every tiny detail it takes to make the perfect themed party, a dinner for friends or holiday adventures. I have always liked to know what I am doing the following weekend, where I will be and who I will be with. So it follows that my plan of being a Mama one day looked slightly different in my mind. I thought I would be older, more settled, more accomplished. I thought it would be planned.

And then it wasn’t. Read More


The story of us. The beginning. Well sort of.

I have been thinking for weeks now how to best start my blog. And I keep thinking I have to, no I need to, start from the beginning. Our beginning. Of how I became a mama to this amazing little girl.

It’s hard to choose where to start. How far back to go, how much to share. It seems like it was so long ago; and yet just the other day. All the same feelings are there, just below the surface, the slightest scratch could let them out. So I do what I can to live well with those feelings, live through them. And yet they will be there forever. And I don’t know if I have quite accepted that yet.

I knew I was pregnant before I took the test. Hearing the words ‘you are 6 weeks pregnant’ when you have not planned it, well it is hard to explain. I remember the doctor telling me, I remember where I was standing, I remember what I was looking at, I remember everything around me going completely silent and her words repeating in my mind. It was like a movie, a blur. Read More


Tomorrow I will

I am a single mama to the greatest little human I have ever met, my daughter Miss Bella Rose. Bella was born on Spring Day 2011. She has spent the last 21 months becoming my greatest inspiration and biggest driving force. She loves tea, her baby doll and is a serious bookworm. She dabbles in baby modelling, is fiercely opinionated and independent (both characteristics that are making me fear her teenage years), talks constantly (like she has a daily-word-limit she needs to hit) and spends every day making me grateful that I was chosen to be her mama.

I strive to make her childhood the best it can possibly be. I try to take an interest in everything she does, I prepare her food, I spend hours doing arts and crafts with her, I take her to the park at least twice a week and I will spend the rest of my days finding ways to make my little girl happy.

As a single mama (or any mama for that matter), I sometimes feel completely overwhelmed. When you get home from work and remember the dishwasher hasn’t been unpacked, the clothes haven’t been washed, dinner hasn’t been cooked and your toddler is nagging “mama mama mama!” Read More