Two Syllables



Defending our Princesses

I recently came across a blog shared by a friend on Facebook about how the ‘Princess Culture’ is ruining our daughters. How the little girl’s obsession with Disney Princesses is forming their views of themselves, their views of the opposite sex and their views of their gender as a whole. And I found myself disagreeing on almost every point.

I currently live with an almost-three-year-old little girl who holds being surrounded by the colour pink and all things sparkly as her highest priority in life. We are weeks away from hosting her third birthday, which is Princess themed, and my house is literally exploding with pink decor and crowns and wands and all things “girly”. Read More


The Time is Now

Recently Bella was invited to a birthday party for a friend from her crèche. At her age, she is not involved in extra murals or sleepovers, so we do not get many chances to meet the other parents in her class. This always results in slightly awkward birthday parties. Picture arriving at a party venue, where three parties are occurring simultaneously, hundreds of adults and children running around everywhere and you have never met the parents so you have no idea which party you need to be at. Totes awkies.

And so began one such Saturday two weeks ago. Baby-Daddy and I walked in to the party venue and told Bella to go and find her friend Nora, hoping she would locate which party we had to aim for. A woman approached us and introduced herself as the birthday girl’s Mom and said she recognised Bella from crèche. Yay! Party established and met the Mama. Sorted! A few minutes later, another woman approached us and introduced herself to us as the birthday girl’s Mom. Putting two and two together, we got the picture pretty quickly. We made our way to the parent’s snack table for the awkward ‘hi, which child is yours?’ conversations. I didn’t even think about it again until the party ended and we got into the car and headed back home. Read More


Toddler Travelling

Plan a trip to Umhlanga with some girlfriends – tick!

Buy two cases of wine for us girls – tick!

Pack some delicious treats for the car – tick!

Drive unprepared on a 7 hour road trip with a toddler – aint nobody got time for that!! Read More


Just You and Me, Kid

I have been thinking recently about the term ‘Single Mama’ and what it means for women. Unlike many Single Mamas out there, I am surrounded by a support system that literally blows my mind! Bella and I have some amazing people in our lives, people who would literally drop anything and everything for us if I asked them to.

My Baby Daddy is an amazing father and a very active part of our daily life, and my family and friends are incredible! Having said that however, being a Single Mama means that a lot of the time, I am on my own with Bella. When you are a Single Mama, it is often just you and your kid, figuring it out together, one day at a time. And so I have decided to write a regular post, called Just You and Me, Kid, which will explore the daily life of what it is to be a Single Mama. Read More


Bella’s Birth-day

During morning tea in the staffroom last week, a few of the other teacher-mamas and I got to chatting about our birth stories, and BOOM, instant contraception for the young, child-free teachers who happened to be sitting with us. After we had shared all the gory details, the reality of what REALLY happens; one teacher friend told me she had the romantic movie-image in her mind of eating ice-chips, having a few pushes and out pops a clean, pink little baby. Hmmm okay, that is not in fact the reality of birth. Take a seat girls, this is messy…

I was scheduled in for a caesarean a few weeks before my due date. I had slipped a disk in my spine during my pregnancy, and after a 2-night hospital stay, my doctors advised me to opt out of natural birth. And want to know a dirty little secret? I could not have been happier!! My gynae scheduled all her caesareans for Tuesdays and Thursdays. She wanted me to go as far as possible into the pregnancy, so opted for the latest date, which just happened to be Spring Day, 1 September 2011. Again, I could not have been happier! After an emotionally difficult pregnancy, the thought of starting my new life on the first day of spring just seemed so metaphorically apt, so absolutely perfect. Read More


Dear Mama

I was recently going through some boxes in my store room and I came across my baby-scrap-book. I pulled it out and sat on the floor in my bedroom and pored over a part of my life I think about daily and yet parts of which I have almost forgotten – my pregnancy.

My pregnancy was a surprise. A big one. I look back now and wish I could re-live those months, do them differently, do them better. But perhaps it is better to have lived through that time, to make the prize at the end of it all that much sweeter. Read More


Mama the Juggler

So sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Life got the better of me and between exams and the holidays and starting a new job, life just got a bit crazy. Oh and did I mention that I also have a toddler?! I feel like I haven’t stopped spinning since October. Well, since January 2013 actually. I had one crazy year!

A year ago I was working in the corporate world of magazines and advertising. I was getting to work at 7:30 and leaving at 4pm, fetching my little girl and trying to run to the park before heading home for dinner. Bella would be in bed by 7, which meant I got a sum total of 3 hours a day with her. Not ideal. Not ideal at all.

I had always wanted to teach. I had dabbled in it after university, and after having a child of my own, I knew it was the right choice for me. So I finally got the courage to take one giant leap of faith, and take a chance on something. I quit the corporate world, started studying my Post Grad Certificate in Education and became a Teaching Intern. This in turn meant that I earned peanuts, so I also had to work an afternoon job, which meant I was still working long hours and not spending much time with my daughter. And so began 2013, the year of trying to balance being a single mama, studying full-time and working two jobs. Read More


“Though she be but little, she is fierce”

I am lucky to know many strong-willed and incredible women, but there is one in particular that amazes me constantly. She has a very independent spirit, a feisty character and a take-no-excuses kinda attitude. She also has the biggest heart and gives out hugs like it’s her JOB! She is soft natured and sensitive, has a relaxed and old soul, laughs from her core and has a smile that will brighten any mood. But through it all she is true to herself, will voice her opinions in any situation, demanding that she be heard and fundamentally balances the gentle and the giant parts of her personality in a way that inspires me daily. This young woman is my daughter. And I have a lot to learn from her. Read More


Mama’s Munchies

Every Mama has a plan on how best to feed their baby, with the hope that they won’t become a fussy eater. I think that no matter what you do, when the toddler years hit, they become picky just because they can. I am living in hope that my once eats-everything-baby will leave behind her current fussy-I-only-want-my-favourites-toddler and will grow into a child that has a varied and healthy appetite.

So I have decided to write a regular post called Mama’s Munchies. It is going to include my experiences, hints, ideas and recipes on feeding your little one. I would like to say I will post this every week, but I have a very busy toddler, two jobs and I am about to write exams, so that is being very ambitious, but watch this space, exciting things to follow! Read More


Damn Girl, I Wish I’d Known That

A very good friend of mine is about to have her first little baba and has been asking me questions throughout her pregnancy. I find myself trying to be as real and honest with her as possible. The reason for this is because when I was pregnant, I started reading and researching and reading some more, absorbing as much as I possibly could before the big day.

I signed up for the e-mail up-dates (you know the ones that say things like: ‘this week your baby is the size of a lemon’). I bought baby books, I googled everything, I started following Mama bloggers and I spoke to friends and family who were already parents. Overall, the advice and information was all fairly similar. And yet when the big day does arrive, it doesn’t matter how much you have tried to take in, you are so completely overwhelmed and UNDER PREPARED!

Read More