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Calling all bloggers and mamas, I’ve got something exciting to share with you…

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook ‘On this Day’, looking at photos I have shared over the last few years, when I came across my RAK Nomination. For those of you who don’t know, the RAK Nominations started during the time when people were sharing NEK Nominations around social media – if you were nominated you had to down a drink of your choice, and then challenge others to do the same. When blogger Brent Lindeque was nominated, he decided to change the NEK to RAK, and do a Random Act of Kindness instead. This sparked the most amazing spread of love and kindness throughout South Africa. And it was during this time that I was nominated. Bella and I chose a children’s home as our target, and we bought them trolley full of groceries, and made a video about it to nominate our friends to join the phenomenon. It was fantastic! But when I saw this on my old Facebook feed, I wondered where the RAK Nominations have gone?

So in celebration of Valentine’s Day, and the month of LOVE, I have decided to start them up again, and will need your help! I’d like to get as many mamas involved as possible, because if we aren’t teaching our littles to be kind, then what are we really doing with our lives?!

On Monday, Bella and I iced biscuits and covered them with pink sprinkles. We then packaged them into little bags with notes saying ‘Sprinkle a little love wherever you go’, and tied them with ribbons all ready for Valentine’s Day. This morning we spread a little love by handing them out to people on our way to school. It was so lovely, people’s faces lit up and Bella even got a few hugs.

I am now going to tag two people on my Facebook page – one blogger and one mama – and nominate them to do their own #RAK and hopefully together we can create a movement of #momswhocare. If you get nominated, you have 48 hours to complete a Random Act of Kindness (for a stranger, your domestic helper, your child’s teacher, your neighbour, absolutely anyone!), and then you need to tag two more mamas to do the same, using the hashtags #RAK and #momswhocare. And if you haven’t been nominated, but are feeling inspired, then step right up and nominate yourself!

Let’s fill this world with love and kindness, and all the feels that go with them!



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