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Mama the Juggler

So sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Life got the better of me and between exams and the holidays and starting a new job, life just got a bit crazy. Oh and did I mention that I also have a toddler?! I feel like I haven’t stopped spinning since October. Well, since January 2013 actually. I had one crazy year!

A year ago I was working in the corporate world of magazines and advertising. I was getting to work at 7:30 and leaving at 4pm, fetching my little girl and trying to run to the park before heading home for dinner. Bella would be in bed by 7, which meant I got a sum total of 3 hours a day with her. Not ideal. Not ideal at all.

I had always wanted to teach. I had dabbled in it after university, and after having a child of my own, I knew it was the right choice for me. So I finally got the courage to take one giant leap of faith, and take a chance on something. I quit the corporate world, started studying my Post Grad Certificate in Education and became a Teaching Intern. This in turn meant that I earned peanuts, so I also had to work an afternoon job, which meant I was still working long hours and not spending much time with my daughter. And so began 2013, the year of trying to balance being a single mama, studying full-time and working two jobs.

There were days (and there were lots of them) where I was overwhelmed and just sat in a heap and cried from sheer stress and exhaustion. There were days when I had no money and had family and friends buy my groceries. There were days when I was studying and couldn’t spend time with my baby girl. It was a long year, filled with ups and downs, but overall it was just draining. Doing it all is hard work y’all!!

But here I sit, a year and 9 distinctions later. I managed, I juggled like a mama-circus-act and I got through it. I am now a qualified teacher, working at a fantastic school, finishing at 2pm every day, looking forward to school holidays already and swooning over the fact that I am able to take my little girl to swimming classes in the afternoons. Swooning I tell you!!

Through it all, I won’t lie, there were moments when I considered giving up. And then I would think about what if Bella was in this situation? What if my little girl took a risk on something, and when the going got tough, she wanted to give up; what would I say to her? And then I would pick myself up and give myself the advice I would give to her. Taking a risk is hard. It may pay off and it may not. It may seem like the journey is never-ending, that the obstacles are just too great and that the ambition you once felt is lost. But the feeling of completing your goal, of the risk being worth the hard work, of reaping the benefits at the end of it all, well nothing can beat that. Giving up is easy yes, but working your ass off is rewarding beyond words. Surround yourself with strong people who will support your choices, who will motivate you when you need it, who will help you if you ask for it, and just keep going. Oh and buy a lot of chocolate!

My year of studying teaching definitely became a teaching moment in how I parent my daughter. I want her to know that taking a chance to follow a dream is never time wasted. That I will support her at every turn. That women can in fact do it all. That as long as you keep your balance, you can juggle almost everything, and if you do let a ball drop every now and then, it is simple enough to take a moment to pick it up rather than giving up completely. She can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

It’s now 2pm on a Friday… excuse me while I run off to meet my baby girl for a “mommy and me” ice-cream date!


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