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Just You and Me, Kid

I have been thinking recently about the term ‘Single Mama’ and what it means for women. Unlike many Single Mamas out there, I am surrounded by a support system that literally blows my mind! Bella and I have some amazing people in our lives, people who would literally drop anything and everything for us if I asked them to.

My Baby Daddy is an amazing father and a very active part of our daily life, and my family and friends are incredible! Having said that however, being a Single Mama means that a lot of the time, I am on my own with Bella. When you are a Single Mama, it is often just you and your kid, figuring it out together, one day at a time. And so I have decided to write a regular post, called Just You and Me, Kid, which will explore the daily life of what it is to be a Single Mama.

blog 11Tuesday last week I worked until pretty late (the joys of school-report season) before jumping into bed.

Half an hour later I was up with a very sick little girl. Bella’s temperature spiked from 38 to 38.7 degrees and just would not come down. I gave her the usual meds, stripped her down and waited, but nothing improved. In fact, she got worse. Suddenly my sweet little girl was screaming and hallucinating. She was convinced she was being eaten by whales and I started to panic. I called the hospital and they told me to bring her in straight away. So at 2:30am we arrived at the emergency room. My poor baby’s skin was fire hot and she was very unhappy. They gave her some strong suppositories and we had to monitor her. Baby Daddy met up with us and we just waited it out. Eventually her temperature dropped to 37 and we were allowed to go home in the early hours of the morning. Bella and I had not slept at all the night before so we just climbed into bed and passed out. Baby Daddy collected her meds and cooked us lunch. He also watched her all afternoon while I slept, in preparation for potentially not sleeping again that night. And that is exactly what happened. My poor baby’s temperature only broke after two days, so in other words, two sleepless nights for the both of us.

Once we had gotten over the fever and everything seemed back on track, the antibiotics that Bella was put onto seemed to shred her little stomach, resulting in yet another sleepless night, this time due to countless trips to the bathroom and messed clothes and millions of nappies. It felt like every time I fell asleep, I heard her little voice calling “Moooommmyyy, I need the toilet again”. It was brutal.

So three sleepless nights out of five. Ah the joys of being a Mama.

Those nights when you are up all night with a sick baby are the hardest. You are exhausted and everyone you know is fast asleep. It is cold and dark and lonely. It is also terrifying. You never know what to do, how to make your little one better or how to take their pain away.

As a Single Mama there will always be times where you are alone, dealing with less than ideal situations. There will be nights when they are sick, nights where you won’t sleep and have to go to work the next day, nights where you are changing bed sheets at 3am and midnight cries from terrifying nightmares.

But as a Single Mama there are also those early morning cuddles, Disney movies and tea in bed. There’s pancake parties for two. There’s watching the sunrise with your favourite little person. And my personal best, when my little girl crawls into my bed at 5am just because she wants to be near me. And I wouldn’t change those moments for the world!


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