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Find your tribe. Love them hard.

I have always found it easy to get along with all kinds of people and make new friends, which results in me generally filling my weekends seeing friends from school, varsity, old colleagues, Mom friends or new found friends. My best friend lives in Cape Town, so we don’t get to see each other very often, but nothing has ever changed between us in spite of that distance. I cherish and adore each and every one of my friendships, and I try to teach my daughter how important it is to surround yourself with good friendships that uplift, challenge and support you.


When I started at a new school a few years ago, I expected to make new work-friends as I have always done. What I didn’t expect was to find three women who would change me. Jeanine, Jayde, Kayla and I all became friends at various stages throughout 2014. What started as a casual friendship based on awkward laughs, has turned into a group of support, love and honesty. Named The Mermaids (a term coined by Bella when we were discussing making a Whatsapp group), these women have all deeply altered the way in which I see the world, the way I interact with both myself and others, the way in which I teach and the way that I parent. They have pushed my boundaries, challenged my beliefs, picked me up in my lowest moments, been by my side for the greatest experiences that this life has to offer, and above all, they have fiercely loved my daughter. These women are my people, and they make life just that much more beautiful. These women are my tribe.


As Women’s Day is approaching, I teamed up with Leigh Benson Photography (our super duper talented friend behind all our Christmas photo-shoots, as well as our recent Mother’s Day competition), and we decided to celebrate all things Women. Leigh took the most beautiful photos of my Mermaid tribe, and now we are giving away a photoshoot to one lucky woman and her tribe (whether they are your friends, sisters, cousins, colleagues, daughters etc). The winner will be announced on 9 August 2017. All you have to do to enter is Like both our Facebook pages (here and here) and then share our post and tag your tribe as many times as you’d like to enter.


We can’t wait to celebrate you and your tribe this Women’s Day!!



(See the full shoot on my two syllables Facebook page)

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