Two Syllables


Bella said…

To my sweet baby girl,

I have been recording some of the things you have said since learning to talk, the amazing and wonderfully innocent voice of a child. Never be afraid of that voice my baby. Always have courage in your convictions, and be a voice, not an echo.

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud’ – Coco Chanel

This world deserves to hear your voice.

Love you forever and always,


FullSizeRenderHere are a few of my favourites so far…

“Sometimes I want to be a abra cadabra”

“I love you in a unicorn”

(What do you want when you are big?) “Big boobs and wine”

(When she didn’t have a costume and wanted to go swim with her Daddy) “I’m gonna just swim in my whole body”

“I’m not a child. I’m gorgeous”

“My tired goes away when I sleep”

(Watching Masterchef Junior) “I can’t believe they childrens. They must have very clever Mommys”

“My daddy says I have a frog in my throat. That’s a little scary. I think it’s a blue and yellow frog”

(‘Bella please switch off the TV’) “Sure your majesty”

“Chill out bru”

“I wanna be a butterfly sometime”

(After witnessing some of Daddy’s ‘road rage’) “When people are in your way, you say ‘FUCK’”

“Mommy if you wear that you might be boring. Boring means you older”

(‘How did you get into my tummy?’) “I just squished in”

“My daddy is my boyfriend”

“Mommy I wanna be like you one day. Then I’ll have black hair and these guys” (pointing to my boobs)

“I can’t tidy all my toys, my muscles are too big now”

(‘How do I look Bella?’) “I don’t like all that black. Or those shoes”

(Gave me a hug in the middle of her swimming lesson and whispered) “I just LOVE this person”



  1. jeffie gurney |

    To have a little girl who loves words, is having magic around all day to marvel at!
    My word-loving baby girl is 29 now and the magic just gets better!

  2. Tiffany |

    The most precious! How about calling Christmas crackers “crackets”? And lifting up my moms hand and asking why it was so old. Love this child very much.


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