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A Year to Remember…

Welcome back to two syllables. I took a few months off from blogging at the end of last year to revel in spending as much time as I could with Bella while we were both in the same grade at school. It was the MOST special time, a year I will NEVER forget!

When I got my new job and realised that Bella and I would be in the same Grade, I did not feel one inch of nerves or apprehension. I was ecstatic! How many Mamas get the opportunity to spend time with their child at school, being present for every milestone, being a part of every big event, and being able to be there for a cuddle at every break time?! For this overly-emotional, helicopter Mama it was flippen fantastic! And I LOVED it!

Here are just a few of my favorite memories…


Our very first day in Grade 0


Easter Bonnet Parade



Cowgirl Friday during our Farm theme


After receiving her teddy during the traditional ceremony in Teddy Bear week



Picnicking for Roald Dahl’s birthday during Literacy week


Dressed as Snow White (x 2) for World Book Day


Heritage Day fun


With my little Hedgehog before her big role in the Magical Forest Nativity Play


Our last few days in Grade 0 were filled with Christmas festivities


Our last day together in Grade 0

To my little girl,

I cannot believe that you are now officially a Grade 1! My heart is bursting with pride and love. On our last day in the same Grade we were both emotional, you couldn’t stop the tears and we hugged and danced through them together. Grade 0 was the most special year, mainly because I got to experience it all WITH you! You made new lifelong friends. You had your first bee sting. You tried out for hockey and scored your first goal. You discovered that you love handstands more than anything else in the world. You were amazing in the school play, and you auditioned for another. You learnt to ride a bike without training wheels. You put on shows in the fairy garden. You grew in confidence and learnt to walk in on your own. You competed in a gala. YOU LEARNT HOW TO READ!! And you hugged me on the playground at break every single day. I LOVED doing your first year of big school with you, it was such a privilege!! May your Grade 1 journey be filled with as much adventure, laughter and happy memories.

I love you!


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